Edmond Halley by Konstadina Lakafosi C3 XEIM

Edmond Halley  was an English mathematician and astronomer (November 8, 1656 – January 14, 1742

In 1678 he published a list of 360 stars in the southern celestial hemisphere, the position of which he observed during his service in St. Helena, and the passing of Mercury before the disk of the Sun in 1677. Halley is the first who discoveres that stars do not remain constantly in their position and that each of them has its own movement, confirming those of Sirius and Arcturus.

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Pablo Picasso – Three musicians by Angela Mulla

Pablo Picasso Complete Documentary by Kostas Kaparidis C2 Xeim.

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary, by Picasso and D2 xeim.

PICASSO portraits-by Noni Pothitou C3 xeim


Pablo Picasso interview by Kostas Kaparidis C2 Xeim.

Picasso in GNOSI by C3 XEIM

Pablo Picasso by C2 Xeim.

Guernica – Pablo Picasso by C2 Xeim.