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nevertheless (adverb)

Nevertheless means “however” or “even so.”

Example sentences

  • It may rain on Saturday. Nevertheless, we’ll go hiking.
  • Danny’s salary is low, but nevertheless, he loves his job and has no intention of quitting.
  • One of the main actors in the play is sick; nevertheless, the performance will begin at 7pm as usual.

Did you know?

Nevertheless is a formal word that is mainly used in writing. It is made up of three words, and used to be written with spaces between them (“never the less”). A similar word that means the same thing (and is also made up of three words) is “nonetheless.” Even though they have the same meaning, some people feel that “nonetheless” is a bit more formal than nevertheless. They also tend to use “nonetheless” at the end of sentences. Nevertheless is used almost twice as often as “nonetheless,” but there’s an even more formal synonym, “notwithstanding.” Almost nobody uses that one! Nevertheless, English speakers are familiar with it.


Nevertheless is a very old word that dates from the 1200s.

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