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neat (adjective)

Neat is an adjective that has several meanings. These include tidy and organized, and elegant in appearance. In the US it can also mean wonderful, great, or cool. In reference to alcoholic drinks, it means without ice or water. Additionally, in US English, it is used as an interjection to express when you like something.

Example sentences

  • The Jacksons’ house is always very neat even though they don’t hire a cleaning service.
  • The model had a neat, elegant figure.
  • Carter ordered a whiskey neat at the bar.
  • Samantha started her own business? Neat!
  • This website is neat! Thanks for showing it to me.

Did you know?

Neat and “clean” are similar but not the same. If a place is “neat,” it means that it is organized and not messy. So to have a neat bedroom, you should make your bed. But if you have not washed your sheets in a year, or if there is a week-old hamburger sitting on your desk, the room may be neat but it certainly isn’t clean.


Neat is originally from the Latin “nitidus,” meaning polished or handsome, and came into English from Middle French in 1300–1350.


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